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Property Management

Thank you for taking a look at our Property Management Summary page. We are delighted to provide you with a brief description of our property management services and we are hopeful about the possibility of you engaging our team as your property manager for your residential investment property.

We are a small real estate brokerage but with a broad array of real estate services. We have two active residential agents and two active commercial agents working with me out of my office here in the Hikes Point area. My wife and I own several single-family units and manage a hand full of other single-family units for clients totaling 15 properties. I characterize our service as a Boutique Property Managers. Along with my assistant Isabelle Day, we manage each of our clients' properties personally and treat your property as if it where our own.

We offer full service property management including, manage all property maintenance issues, acquiring and vetting new tenants, taking any calls regarding the operation of the property and providing monthly reporting of income, expense and your proceeds. We can automatically deposit the proceeds in your account or mail you a check monthly. We take care of all matters related to the property and keep you a worry free investor.

For our service we charge a new leasing acquisition fee of 3/4ths of the first month’s rent. For a renewal lease we charge a flat $150 fee. For the ongoing management we charge 8% of the collected rents or a minimum of $100 per month per unit managed. All maintenance charges are passed through directly to you at our costs. Copies of the receipts of those costs are provided with the monthly statement you will receive. The only exception on management fee would be in the event of a large project on your property where we had to manage the process of rebuilding, for example after a casualty loss of some kind. In that event we would add a 10% management fee on top of subcontractor charges. I do not have any maintenance employees but rather use all subcontractors for maintenance work.

I hope this covers adequate your questions about our services and we look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Kindest regards, David Day & Isabelle Day

We are committed to providing professional, creative real estate consulting services.